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Yoga with Christel Gibbs

What is Yoga?
A series of bodywork, breathing and relaxation exercises to improve physical/mental harmony and maintain health. It comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “to unite” and is a positive way of life (not a religion). There are many different types and approaches, well-suited to modern times. I offer Hatha/Raja yoga for body, mind and feelings.

Who For?
Adults, children, pre- and post-natal, in groups,  privately or at the workplace.

To unite body, mind and feelings through breath awareness,
posture work, relaxation and focus.

To recognise restrictive patterns, e.g. bad posture,
stress build-up etc. and know how to deal with them.

To recognise limitations and work on them in order
to reach full personal potential: physically,
mentally and emotionally.


pain relief, energizing, increased
flexibility and muscle tone, elimination
of body toxins, build up use of lung capacity,
improve balance, relaxation.

clearing mind, increased clarity, focus and concentration, better sleep.

feeling positive, content, good sense of self confidence and control, at peace with self and world around, revitalized.

Using yoga as a tool in daily life/at work, routinely setting aside time to practice/reflect/ relax

Sessions last ideally 60-90 minutes and cover;
Breath awareness, different breathing exercises and techniques,(15% of the session time)

Bodywork: elongating the spine, moving it in a forward-, backward-, side bend and twist; balance; inversion (60%)

Relaxation and withdrawal techniques, e.g.neuromuscular relaxation, concentration, visualisation (25%)

Pregnancy Yoga with Christel Gibbs

To support and strengthen new Mums-to-be!
Are you expecting and would you like to do something for yourself as well as your baby? Try pregnancy yoga and give yourself time to prepare physically and mentally, as well as emotionally. Posture work is designed to help you keep your flexibility, strengthening the muscles you will be needing, yet knowing how to relax them when necessary.

A lot of time is given to the different breathing & relaxation techniques to help you during labour and birth. The aim is to increase the space in body, mind and feelings during pregnancy for the child that will soon be part of your family

Practical skills evenings for expectant couples!

Once a month, prior to a Birth and Baby Weekend Workshop, a 2-hour evening session of pregnancy, labour and birthing skills for couples is offered. The emphasis here lies on how the partner can support and encourage the mum-to-be during pregnancy, labour and birth. Simple excercises in posturework, movement, breathing, massage and relaxation are practiced and explained durng this evening. A beneficial way of getting the partner truly involved in this big event in life. Also a natural way of meeting others in the same stage of their lives.



On Tuesday evening & Wednesday morning Hatha/Raja yoga classes are held at the Grannes Grendahus, Grannesbakken, Sola (near Madla)

The Thursday evening Hatha/Raja yoga class is held at the British School, Gauselbakken 107, Gausel

Pregnancy yoga is held on Wednesday evening at the Grannes Grendahus, Grannesbakken, Sola (near Madla)

“In minds crammed with thoughts, organs clogged with toxins, and bodies stiffened with neglect, there is just no space for anything else”.  ~Alison Rose Levy,  Yoga Journal, Jan/Feb 2002